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Why spend hundreds of hours developing custom training when we have already done the work for you?

What is the NEXT big thing in Agile Development, Program or Project Management or Training?

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What we do

Looking Glass Development is a leading provider of live, in-person training and online training.  We offer content licenses for our training videos, manuals and SCORM compliant courses, and executive, strategic, and Agile coaching along with both traditional and Agile project management consultation.



Use Our Library To Augment Your Online Offerings

LGd has developed more than 50 courses in the fields of Agile Development, project management, communications, leadership, strategy, PMI certification, and analytics. We can quickly customize these courses to be deployed on your SCORM compliant platform.


Staffing & Coaching

Outsource Your Need For Advanced Skills

Looking Glass’ professional staff is capable of augmenting your team as it works to deliver world class solutions. It doesn’t matter whether you need an Agile coach to come alongside your team, or an experienced project or program manager to provide seasoned leadership we can provide the resources you need.


Live & Virtual

Consistent Training Across Channels

LGd offers the best in performance management training across a range of delivery channels including live instructor-led training, both asynchronous and synchronous online training, and DVD training covering Agile Development, Project Management, Change Management, PMP and other PMI certifications.

Why Choose Us?


Choosing the wrong partner will cost you valuable time and money. Our clients choose us because we are not beholding to any one set of practices or outside organizations. We focus on finding the best solution for the situation and the client while constantly working to lift the entire team.

Company & Vision


The goal of Looking Glass Development is to help our clients deliver unparalleled business value through the superior application of project management best practices and servant leadership. Our unique ability to dramatically improve an organization’s core change and project practices combined with our superior coaching ability allows us to deliver long standing positive organizational change in a small window. Our people driven, servant leader approach ensures our clients’ staff deliver faster and better business results on a daily basis. Our goal is to build a trusted partnership with our clients.

Custom Course Development


Are you interested in developing online training, but lack the internal expertise? We can help. Our team includes an industry leading e-learning development team capable of working with your staff to deliver state of the art education compliant with the latest industry standards.

We can help your team deliver your message across the organization in a manner guaranteed to ensure true learning and understanding.

Our Advantages

Proven Reliability

Since 1999, Looking Glass Development has delivered world class solutions for our clients, Both large and small. That is why we are able to offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our solutions. If you are looking for a partner that has been around a while with a proven track record we are it.

Exceptional Flexibility

There is no such thing as a single perfect solution. Successfully delivering business results requires a consistent focus on BOTH the desired end results and the needs of the team. If your consultants tell you only their way will deliver the desired results maybe its time to get a second opinion.

Superior Experience

Nothing is more important than hands-on experience when you look for a partner to help your team deliver real-world projects. The hundreds of projects LGd has helped deliver for our clients across a wide range of industries means we have already seen a lot more than most. This ensures you will not be paying for MBA’s to learn on your dime.

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