LGd Staffing & Coaching


Short and Long Term Staff Augmentation

Our team of expert project managers, coordinators, and agile professionals have the experience to quickly and seemlessly augment your existing staff. We have worked with companies throughout North America of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. We support projects of all sizes. From small projects costing $5,000 to large projects costing billions.

Looking Glass Development’s seasoned team has helped many of the largest and most successful organizations in the world, and we can help you as well. Call us today and we can have an experienced, expert project manager at your site within 48 hours.

Agile Coaching

To Succeed, Great Agile Teams Need Seasoned Coaching

The experienced Agile Coaches at Looking Glass Development serve organizations of all sizes working on a path toward Agile transformation mastery. We have the skills to help your team make and maintain the fundamental mindset shifts necessary to succeed with Agile Development. Our goal is to help your team develop a long-term path that allows the entire team to both build and measure competence. If you are struggling to implement Agile we can help. Don’t wait until you have many failed iterations. Call us today to give your teams the support they need to truly enjoy all the advantages Agile has to offer.

Executive Coaching

Developing Servant Leaders with Passion

At Looking Glass Development, we specialize in transforming executives into servant leaders. A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. A servant leader works to invert the power pyramid by sharing power and putting the needs of others first. Their focus is on helping develop people to perform as highly as possible. An organization led by servant leaders succeed at a much higher rate than others.

Strategic Consulting

A High Level Plan to Achieve One or More Goals Under Conditions of Uncertainty

Most organizations have plans for the future. Unfortunately, most organization also fail to deliver on those plans. If you are struggling with your organization’s strategy we can help. Our team of senior leaders have worked with multiple levels of senior leadership from the department heads, to the C-Suite, or the Board of Directors. LGd’s of experienced senior leaders can ensure you have strategy the drives real results.

Performance Management Consulting

Project, Program, and Portfolio Management, and Analytics

Organizational accountability is critical for organizational success. This requires a transparent focus on constantly delivering business results. If you are working to deliver more we can help. Our extensive knowledge advanced analytics, dashboards and reporting provides us the knowledge to help you deliver more. Additionally, we employ some of the world’s leading experts in project, program and portfolio management.


There is No Such Thing As a Perfect Methodology

Today, there are more than 30 different methodologies you might use to execute a project. And contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to manage a project simply by following the PMBOK(R) Guide. If your organization only uses a single methodology you are guaranteed to have at least one out of three projects fail. So how do you decide the best process to execute your project. If you want more from your project teams we can help. We have successfully led thousands of projects so we have the experience to help you find the best methodology for your unique situation.


Are You Using the Best Solutions Available?

Microst Project, Primavera, Jira, VersionOne, and Rally represent just some of the software packages currently available to help you manage your many projects. But, without spending significant time with each of them how do you know the best one for your organization and unique situation? You need a trusted partner who has the experience with these and many other tools to make your process faster, easier and more cost effective. In addition to our extensive knowledge of these tools, we also have an extensive library of templates available to our clients. Don’t struggle needlessly. Contact us today.

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