Methodology Consulting

Most organizations make use of a single process or methodology to execute new initiatives. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect methodology capable that is best for all projects. That is why the most successful organizations make use of more than one methodology, but which methodologies are best for you?

Methodology Consulting Picture

Much of the information on the internet today might lead you to believe that some form of Agile Development will lead your organization to the promised land, and while Agile does have a much higher success rate than linear methodologies such as the SDLC or Waterfall it is not perfect. That means there are a number of situations where using Agile will actually cause more problems than it solves, but how do you know the difference?

Others argue that Agile is not the answer. Instead, you need to follow the practices outlined in PMI’s PMBOK® Guide. These people are poorly informed as it is impossible to execute a project directly following the PMBOK® Guide. This is because the Guide represents a framework of generally accepted practices to which more than 30 different methodologies comply. Everything from Waterfall to the 16 different methodologies found in Agile Development all comply with the Guide.

True success requires decades of experience with a wide range of practices, industries and people to know how to effectively implement the best solution for your specific situation. The staff has that experience and can work with your team to establish a cohesive governance model inclusive of the appropriate methodologies for your organization.

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