Performance Management

Performance Management Picture

Looking Glass Development uses its performance management practice to ensure you have the right processes and practices in place to be successful. This process often begins with the use of a proprietary evaluation instrument which combines the world’s leading standard for organizational maturity assessments (OPM3) and our own proprietary evaluation methodology. The key deliverable from this process is the final report that provides not only a detailed assessment of where your organization is, but a specific roadmap for how your organization can make improvements and exactly what those improvements would mean to you. 

The LGd evaluation process uses a three-tiered interview methodology designed to accurately assess the true position of the organization from all perspectives. Equally important is the fact that our methodology give specific timelines for managing the improvements and key performance indicators to ensure success.

In some cases it does not make sense to go through a full evaluation process. LGd recognizes the need to deliver rapid results. Our skills at creating world class business and organizational processes allow us to always be focused on your success. If you are looking for the best-in-class business processes that will allow you to achieve unparallelled success, we can help.

Our staff has developed dozens of processes for organizations from many different industries and of many different sizes. We are firm believers that one size does not fit all. However, our experience and wealth of templates and tools allow us to start the process much more quickly than other organizations.

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