If you purchase something from us that does not meet your expectations, we will be happy to refund the full amount within 30 days of payment, whether an initial purchase or a renewal payment.

Our support team successfully answers many customer questions, clarifying complexities and helping overcome a variety of challenges.

Change a Subscription

Log in to your account to turn off automatic renewals for one of your existing subscriptions, canceling future payments and leaving your license active until the end of its current term.

At account page, find the content you want to modify and simply click the toggle button from “Auto-renew ON” to “Auto-renew OFF”. Note that your Renewal Date will not change but will be renamed to your Expiration Date.

Please visit our Subscription Information page to learn more about how subscriptions work, including reactivating an expired subscription and upgrading or downgrading your license level.

Request a Full Refund

If you would prefer a full refund instead of canceling future subscription payments—or if you do not have a subscription type of license—let us know by contacting us and our support staff will help you out.

Please include your original order numbers and let us know which products you’d to refund, all of which you can find in the Recent Orders section of your account.

And, if you wouldn’t mind, we’d love to know if the refund is about anything in particular about the plugins or the support experience. If you take a moment to include that in the request, we’d really appreciate it. We use that feedback to find new and better ways to create a better product and improve our service.

We’ll miss you, of course, but hope we can earn back your business in the future—we’ll be here for you.

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