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Martin VanDerSchouw

LGd President & CEO Keynote Speaker & Author

Are you looking for a keynote speaker to energize your audience with a transformative message about successful change and the future.

Searching for that magic bullet never works. Nor does turning to the latest “flavor-of-the-month” management system. Cultural change has to occur for any initiative to succeed.

Mr. VanDerSchouw is a leading performance management expert and author of the top selling book Flavor of the Month. He shows leaders how to bridge that gap—no magic bullet needed! His presentations, consulting, and book allegories lead to the real-world cultural changes initiatives need to succeed.

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Authoritative Guides to Complex Issues

We offer a range of free whitepapers addressing a variety of common issues surrounding the areas of leadership, project, program and portfolio management. To review the list of current articles and whitepapers simply select the link below.

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Published Books and Study Aids

LGd’s President and CEO has authored a number of books and study aids specifically designed to help you succeed. To get your copy of these materials select the link below.

The LGd Point of View

Watch these short videos from our CEO to catch up on the latest thinking from the field of performance management.

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