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STOP searching for a magic bullet. START creating the real-world change your organization needs
Given that 7 out of 10 initiatives fail, how can you ensure yours is among the “golden 3” that succeed? Searching for that magic bullet never works. Nor does turning to the latest “flavor-of-the-month” management system. Cultural change has to occur for any initiative to succeed. Shifting your organization’s culture requires addressing the gap in understanding between those who assign the work and those who do it. But how? Ask Martin VanDerSchouw, PMP, performance management expert and author of Flavor of the Month. He shows leaders how to bridge that gap—no magic bullet needed! His presentations, consulting, and book allegories lead to the real-world cultural changes initiatives need to succeed.

Martin's Presentations

Martin addresses your performance and program/project management issues:
Flavor of the Month

You have good products and great ideas, but your
company can’t seem to deliver. You struggle with
lateness, excessive spending, and delivering the wrong features.

You’ve tried every “flavor of the month” from TQM to Six
Sigma, Lean, Agile Development—to no avail. It’s time
to learn why 7 out of 10 initiatives fail. Martin explains:

The result? You’ll implement your strategy on schedule, on budget, and on time.

The Common Sense Secret

Can you identify with the golfers who struggle to master their strokes using one of those widgets — but nothing improves? The true secrets to success haven’t changed in eons.

Martin reinforces what the oldest writings have stressed:

This presentation focuses on exactly what drives success in the 21st century.

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