The Training Ninja is an expert at providing training across multiple delivery channels to fit your learning preferences and timing. When you choose the Training Ninja you are guaranteed to get the same, high quality content so feel free to mix and match channels to best suit your organization or personal needs.

Also referred to as unattended online, this channel allows the student to participate whenever it is convenient. Courses are prerecorded and make use of automated exercises.  This is an excellent option for certification exam preparation courses where students often want to listen, and relisten to content many times.

This form of training is often called Online Live Training. Courses delivered in this channel require a student to log onto their computers at a specific time and listen to a live instructor.  Often the instructor is visible via a video link and students may or may not be seen.  The advantage of this channel is you can get questions answered in real-time as the material is presented, and often engage with other students virtually through your own computer’s microphone and camera.  If your setup does not have a microphone or camera you can still participate via text.

This form of training is often called Instructor Led Training and requires the student to travel to a specific site and physically sit in a class or meeting room. This form of training offers the highest level of interaction with both other students and the instructor but the least convenience.  This is a fantastic option if you are part of a group that all need the same information or when learning practical application content.

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