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Looking Glass Development (LGd) is an industry leading provider of project management training. We provide live in-personlive online (synchronous), pre-recorded online(asynchronous), blended, and customized training. We focus only on professional project management, and we practice what we teach. All of our instructors maintain their PMP certification and are regular practitioners of the project management arts. Your team is guaranteed to acquire valuable, practical knowledge from skilled professionals.

Looking Glass Development can quickly add your organization’s project management family of practice to the industry leading methods to ensure your organization gets the consistency they need to succeed.

How to Get the Most From Your Training Dollars

Types of Learning

The days of learning in a single modality are gone.  Today, there are almost as many ways of learning as their are people.  So how do you know what kind of training is best for you?  Most people are often stuck with the delivery channel selected by their employer, but each of us learns in different ways and has different goals.  One of the first distinctions made in learning is between synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Synchronous E-Learning

Live Chat, Webinars, & Video Conferencing

Synchronous e-learning is a channel of learning that primarily exists through the internet.  It makes use of tools that allow students to ask and instructor to answer questions in real-time using a range of communications methods including audio, video, instant messaging, or other similar methods.  Synchronous methods often provide techniques for students to interact with each other in addition to the instructor.  

The ability to interact with other students and the instructor is the primary advantage of synchronous e-learning.  It primary disadvantage is that synchronous e-learning happens at only scheduled times.

Asynchronous E-Learning

Pre-Recorded Training

Asynchronous e-learning allows a student to take training whenever it is convenient for them.  It typically involves the use of pre-recorded video and/or audio sessions.  

The primary advantages of this learning tool is that students can proceed at their own pace, and often the tools allow students to retake sections of the course as many times as required to ensure understanding.  

The primary disadvantage of this style of learning is that students cannot have real-time communication with the instructor or other students.  Typically, these courses offer the ability to email instructors with questions.

Key E-Learning Terms

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