Custom Training

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Are You facing Unique Challenges? Maybe a Custom Training Solution is the Answer

If you do not see what you are looking for in our over 50 courses do not hestitate to contact us for a custom training solution. Looking Glass Development offers two different types of course customization to meet your specific needs. These offerings include modifications to existing LGd courses and the ability to custom develop from scratch a complete course.

You Can Modify One of Our Existing Courses for Free

We can take any of our standard courses and provide up to four (4) hours of customization at no additional charge. In many cases, with the hundreds of hours of content we have this is more than enough to provide a highly tailored solution that effectively addresses the needs of your organization. Imagine offering your organization a tailored solution for the cost of an of-the-shelf course. Should you require additional customization, we will gladly provide that as well, at a nominal cost.

Fully Custom Learning Development

Do you have a specific learning development need that is unique to your organization? LGd has the ability to develop a new course completely from scratch. Our team of technical writers and e-learning developers are experts at creating immersive learning content. We are experts at creating content using TechSmith’s Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, or Adobe Premier Pro. These tools allow our team to create 100% SCORM compliant content or basic video.
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